Fatigue analysis simplified

FiniteLife has been designed from the ground up to simplify fatigue analysis whilst creating detailed and complex duty cycles. Using the state of the art hot-spot method and implementing BS7608, FiniteLife does the complex transformation and data manipulation so you can focus on delivering value to your clients.

What is FiniteLife?

FiniteLife is a browser based FEA post-processing software for fatigue analysis, hosted either on-premesis, or in the cloud. It reads stress results from your FE model and allows you to develop complex duty cycles to capture the fatigue history of your structure or machine

Using simple and intuitive tools, you can apply SN curve material data to groups of elements or place probes at key locations to capture the hot-spot stresses. Using its powerful solver and parallel processing, FiniteLife can solve hundreds of analyses simultaneously, allowing your engineers to focus on delivering value to your clients, instead of waiting for results.

How does it work?

FEA Software Agnostic

Using your FEA software of choice, develop the loadcases and that will form your fatigue duty cycle. Select the Loadcases button in the user interface and upload the global stress results using the provided method for your software.

The list of supported FEA software is shown below. Custom integrations can be developed free of charge on purchasing FiniteLife.

  • Strand7
  • ANSYS (planned)
  • Abaqus (planned)
  • Custom integrations on request