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Alpen Analytics is a data analytics and software company founded by Sean Sandercock and offers tailored and off the shelf software solutions, as well as consulting and contracting services. Sean has a BEng and MSc in computational engineering and has delivered engineering, analytics and software projects at some of Australia's best known companies in manufacturing, mining and consulting.


Alpen Analytics' philosophy is simple, real value always comes first, we understand that technology is just a tool not an end to itself. Our methodology is to work collaboratively with experts from your business, combining their years of experience with a scientific evidence based approach and modern data analysis techniques to find real actionable insights.

Our software solutions are focused on simplicity and flexibility. We recognise that user adoption is often the failure point of a software project, thats why we take the time to understand user requirements and craft tools that require the least training and are intuitive out of the box.


Sean Sandercock


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