Data Driven Insights

Alpen Analytics offers professional services from data science and visualisation to software development and robotic process automation.


Professional Services

Data Science

We leverage advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to extract meaningful insights and predictions from your data.

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Process Automation

We offer tailored solutions to streamline your business workflows, reducing errors and improving productivity through intelligent automation.

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Software Development

From web or desktop apps to scripts and macros, we offer straight-forward, reliable and maintainable software solutions to meet your businesses needs.

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BI & Visualisation

We transform complex datasets into meaningful visualisations and enable you to gain valuable insights, track key performance indicators and make data-driven decisions.

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Mathematical Modelling

From optimisation, bayesian inference or process simulation, we can provide your team with the skills to solve your most complex problems.

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Introducing FiniteLife

A comprehensive fatigue analysis solution for fabricated steel structures. Able to integrate with all FEA software whilst implementing the state of the art hot-spot stress method. Find out how FiniteLife can save your business time and money.